Syncing and a Garageband like program

I know this is a bit random but maybe someone has a solution for me out there. I use have a few devices that I try to keep in sync, some mine and some are my kids’. Let’s see…. 2 iMacs, 3 laptops, 5 iPod Touch’s, 1 iPad and a Droid. I use the Apple Calendar and Contacts as well as Google Calendar and Contacts. The problem is syncing all these together. I am getting multiple copies of my contacts! It’s annoying! Any ideas?

Music related…. I found this post about creating music scores online…


One thought on “Syncing and a Garageband like program

  1. Hey Paul!

    Maybe this would help with the duplicate contacts?

    There are also some iPhone Apps, such as Contacts Cleaner and Cleanup.

    For calendars, I run all mine through Google (including a school calendar which you can see embedded at, and each calendar has CalDAV functionality. If you change something on one device, all are updated at the next sync.

    As for the Droid…not sure what to do there. But I hear it too is a good phone.

    UnrealBook has really come a long way (Aron’s done a great job with the app). Thanks for recommending it–I would have stayed away if you had not recommended it [I was happy with ForScore and didn’t originally want to spend $4.99 on the app for dual functionality. I see the error of my ways now].

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