Interesting Experience with my iPad

Today we had graduation. This year we decided to hold the ceremony outside on the football field. I was leery of being able to read the ipad screen outside so I had done some preliminary tests. Everything seemed to be bright enough and I could could read the ipad screen much better than my Droid or even the ipod touch screen. This made me happy. Being a bit wary though I still took my printed on paper score out to the field though.

It was about 80 degrees today and the sun was shining RIGHT onto my stand. It turned one o’clock and I gave the downbeat for Pomp and Circumstance. Being outside it took us less time than normal to get the all seated. This made me very happy. I was able to read the music on the iPad but it was not as easy as not being in such direct sunlight. I gave the cut off and we were done with song one. I left the iPad on the music stand and left it on. I watched as the Veterans brought the flag in. About the time the flag passed inn front of me I glanced down at the iPad and my heart sank! There was a terrible warning – I don’t remember exact wording and I’m sure it is in the manual Temperature warning. Your iPad has overheated and cannot be used until it cools down! Something was red either the words or the screen. I quickly got the iPad off the BLACK music stand and out of the sun and turned it off. It cooled quickly and in five minutes when we had to play our next song it turned off just fine. This time I laid some music underneath of the iPad so it was on some other color than black. I used the iPad for that five minute song and it was fine. It was difficult to see details on the score though since it was such direct sunlight. In my tests i was outside but the sun was not shining RIGHT on my screen and I was holding the iPad closer. Since the ipad was on a music stand it was a bit further away. I knew my music well enough that i about had it memorized and since i was only conducting it worked fine. If I would of had to play the piano for the choir or play my euphonium I don’t think I could have done it off from the iPad outside like that.

The iPad seems to be fine…. No lasting effects from the overheating. Not sure what would happen if it would have been left there longer.


One thought on “Interesting Experience with my iPad

  1. Paul,

    That temperature warning is a little spooky. I do outdoor gigs and it would not be fun to have that happen. I think I might not be having that problem due to a couple of reasons. First off, I don’t use a solid back stand. Mine is the fold up type. In addition, I use the Apple case. I wonder if the case helps insulate the iPad????
    I have been using mine for all of my gigs now. I agree, it is more difficult to see in direct sunlight. At night, everyone using paper and light is jealous of the iPad! When the set list changes, the iPad is so fast and when wind hits us, it’s not a problem anymore!


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