Apps I use all the time on my iPad.

I have a ton of different apps I have installed on my iPad. I like trying out new apps all the time. I like having apps that are on there for my kids to use, and they range from third grade to graduated from high school. I also put several on there because I thought my wife might like them.

BUT which ones do I use on a daily basis?
Safari, mail, calendar, address book all go without saying I think.

Reading – Bilble reader

Music apps- ForScore and Unreal Book are great. Both are constantly improving as well. Goodreader is the same type of program. All three let me see my PDF files. I have scanned all my music for the end of the year and have not hardly touched a real paper score. When I do I constantly find myself trying to do things with paper that are impossible, like zoom in and touch the bottom right corner to turn the page! It’s kind of funny! The students wonder why I randomly laugh.

Magicpiano, Tempo, Cleartune and Instruments are being used in every rehearsL almost it seems too.

I also use use Feedller Rss and ZeFeed to read my rss feeds every day, several times a day. I actually read the real news now too because it is so accessible and SWEET looking on the iPad. I use NPR, USA Today and AP News are my favorite.

Office type apps – I use Dropbox constantly, Evernote and of course this is being written in the WordPress app. I use Pages as my only word processing app. I thought I would use keynote more often but my laptop hard drive has failed and since I cannot project keynote with it in class I am not using the iPad app like I thought I would. I will next year though.

Media apps – YouTube, iPod app, movies and the best is AirVideo! Photopad and FilterStorm are free and very useful. Poplet lite is fun.

Social media – Twitterifc and Sobees. I use the facebook ipod touch app because it still does stuff that Sobees doesn’t. I actually usually go to the web version of the facebook page though and just use that instead of an app. Sobees is going to be sweet when it gets all the functionality of facebook instead it feels like a partial app right now. I do love the interface it has though.

What are you using daily? Leave a comment and share your great uses!


3 thoughts on “Apps I use all the time on my iPad.

  1. Hey this is a great post. I’m going to email this to my friends. I stumbled on this while surfing for some song lyrics, I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing.ds

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