more Screenshots

These screenshots are from four different programs, DropBox, Good Reader, UnReal Book and ForScore. DropBox display is slow but looks great as does GoodReader. The the two music programs are a better user experience for trying to perform with the music PDF files but are not any where’s as clear.


3 thoughts on “more Screenshots

  1. Aron, the developer of Unrealbook, had this little tip for Sibelius users. It might be of help.

    And I’ve been having a lot of luck scanning music in at 600dpi with black and with line art settings….

    Here’s Aron’s advice:

    Optimizing files for UnrealBook.

    When using the Print to PDF option on the Macintosh with Sibelius, you may find that the music displays less than optimal. To fix this, use a program called Fix aliased PDF (found on the internet) or drag the PDF into TextEdit and search for APPL, then change the false to true.

    You can also use optimizePDF. Just drag and drop the PDF files onto optimizePDF (after unzipping the archive).

  2. I want to point out that I am scanning at 150dpi using my Canon scanner. I believe the iPad is around 130dpi, so 150 is more than enough. I can zoom without any problems and my files are very sharp and clear.

    The Sibelius problem seems to be only Macintosh based. I’ve seen scores from PC users from Sibelius and they do not have this problem. This problem also happens from version 4-6.


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