iPad music programs

I have had a very busy spring with my concerts and my childrens sporting events. Things are opening up just a little bit now and I will be posting a few ideas and experiences soon. In short, ForScore has just posted a new update tonight. This update had made the program go from not being used to one that I will be using every day now as I finish out the school year! Unreal Book, Goodreader and now ForScore are all growing into some great, exciting products for every day use.


4 thoughts on “iPad music programs

    1. Aron -thanks for the visit to my site. Thanks alsonfor the great program. My latest post has some screen shots attached. I don’t know the behind the scenes working of how you guys get our files displayed but all three shots are of the same file in three different programs. One of which is unreal book obviously. What are your thoughts on why the quality is so much better in goodreader.

      I’m also very interested in knowing how you get your music into unreal book. I’ve even tried simoly taking a photo with my droid and emailing back to my computer and using that. It worked better than I thought but is fuzzy too many times to be reliable.

      If you scan yours what typenof file do you scan to and what quality are you using?

      1. Paul,

        I scan at a very low res at 150dpi grayscale. After I scan all of my documents I drag them onto the optimizePDF program available on my website.

        It works well and the documents are very clear.

        The next version will have down from URL so you can download directly from a website. I applied for the drop box API. I will look at it.



  1. Paul,

    I tried leaving a comment but it doesn’t appear. The poor quality you see is due to Sibelius on os x. Look in the unrealBook help and I tell you how to fix this. The unrealBook site has a program that fixes this as well. This problem does not happen with Sibelius for pc or any other program afaik.

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