Using the iPad to make my job more efficient.

Yesterday I had problems, again, with a student in class. I say again because this student is a great kid and percussionist but he and I have frequent discussions about his behavior. He has cut the frequency down to once every two weeks now though.

I knew that it was a good idea to document our discussions. I’ve tried doing this for how many years now? It has never worked well though because of time issues. Seriously, how much time is there between class to talk with a kid, and then to actually try writing information down about it? I’ve tried making quick notes and then writing more detail later, like after school but I get sidetracked. I’m sure you all do much better at handling this type of situation then I have.

Yesterday though, as I am talking to this student, I look down and notice my iPad! It then hit me, EVERNOTE! I pulled out the iPad, got into Evernote and hit the record button! I did all that in the time frame of about two sentences. After recording our discussion, I walked the student out, carried my iPad with me and finished typing information in while standing in the hallway waiting for my next class to line up. Now I have documentation, now I have the student recorded so that if Mom and I sit down I can play it back to her in his own words! How cool is that?

This is a perfect combination of accessibility, having a microphone built in, portability and ease of use.

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