Putting my music scores into my iPad.

GoodReader has worked out so wonderfully for putting my music into my iPad. I am able to access my dropbox, while at home (that’s another discussion) I can connect via Wi-fi, as well as load files in via email. It is so easy that even a non-techie could do it!

I have purchased forScore as well. Like others who have reviewed forScore have mentioned this app is pretty basic and straightforward. It shows me music. That’s it. I look forward to seeing what they do with this software in the future because it sounds like they are working on some great features. I do not like having to be connected to iTunes in order to get a file into this app though. For instance, this morning in 5th grade band rehearsal, we decided to pull out a piece we had worked on in the fall. We needed that extra few minutes to fill out a performance. I went to Sibelius, pulled up the score, emailed myself a PDF and loaded the score right into GoodReader. If I would have had to actually connect my iPad to the computer and wait for iTunes and load the file that way it is extra steps (and extra time – more importantly).

I am excited to find software that will allow me to mark right on my music (pdf’s). You know, like when I am playing and miss a flat – I’d grab my pencil and put a flat in the pencil and paper world. I want to be able to do that. I even thought that it’d be nice to just touch that note and have it be highlighted – how quick and easy would that be!

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