Ever Use Sibelius?

I use Sibelius A LOT! I love it, I enjoy doing it. When I am entering notes into a score I figured something out the other day that is kind of fun but not obvious (at least to me at first). If you are entering notes using the keypad – picking a note value then typing the pitch I would assume you are not using your mouse. You should be doing this input using all keyboard shortcuts. With that being said – The situation I have run into is when you have let’s say a half note tied over the bar line to a whole note. I used to do this by inputting a half note, then a tie then a whole note. Then I realized that this is REALLY just ONE note, a dotted whole note. Now I simply input one note and Sibelius does the half note, tie then the whole note! The same thing works for a half note tied over to a quarter note. Again simply input a dotted half note. I’ve told my band kids this sort of information for years, I’ve just never applied it in Sibelius!


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