battery life on my iPad

Just a thought as I come home from school. I am sitting down to listen to music, which I frequently do using just the built in speakers. This time I use my headphones though because I am a music teacher and I do enjoy the best sound sound quality I can get sometimes. But I digress…..

The thought….

I went school yesterday with a full battery, used the iPad all day at school, used it at home last night to watch a movie, surf the web and listen to music. Then I took it to school today and used it all day again. I still have 35%battery left! Now granted my use at school is not constant, it is mostly for the first two classes to read my scores for those bands. Then I use it to input grades and attendance for the other three classes. I then use it through my prep read my pln news,take care of emails and check the latest Mac rumors for a few down time moments while I eat lunch.

Try getting that much time from a laptop!

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