First Performance with the iPad

Tonight we had two ensembles perform at a Woman’s Club Honors Night for the seniors and retirees at our school. It was the first real test of putting music on the iPad and performing with it. I simply scanned the scores and turned them into jpeg files. (hope I’m not breaking a copyright law here!) The next step was to put them into iPhoto. Then it got funky. Obviously I wanted those pages/ pictures to show up in a specific order. For some reason the date on one of the pages was out of sync which put my first age last. After doing a date change on all the files to ensure they showed up in order I then had to get those pics on my iPad. I wanted to be able to simply drag and drop the pics onto my iPad in iTunes. That did not work, I had to sync them. The problem was that I did not have access to the “real” iPhoto library with all my pictures in it. Which meant that if I synced I think I would have lost all may other pictures which I really did not want to do. Then I had the idea that I could email the pics to myself. That worked. I made the mistake of selecting the save all photos option. The problem that came up was again an issue of the photos then being out of order in the photo app.


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