Still setting up my iPad

Will the “setting up” process take a week, a month or how long?

As I try to figure out how to use the iPad and what it is that it does and will be used for, what I have on it constantly changes! To those who say that it is “just a big iPod Touch” I say obviously you have not used an iPad then!

I almost had a big sad moment tonight. I had been syncing my iPad with my minimal iTunes library on my Powerbook. In this library I do not keep that many songs. It’s kind of silly to have a 30 gig iPod, an iPod Touch 8 gig and 32 gig as well as an 8 gig Nano but still keep a bunch of songs on my laptop. I have my entire collection on an external drive on my desk at home. Since I have been on Spring Break I had not actually connected and synced to that library yet. When I went to sync my iPad with the “big” library a scary message popped up – Are you sure you want to sync your apps with this library? If you do all your apps will be deleted on your iPad and replaced!” The problem was that I had actually paid for several apps and obviously did not want to lose them! After a quickened heat rate and much thought – I hit the Sync button and hoped for the best! After syncing it appears that the worst that has happened is that all my apps have been rearranged! Thank goodness! The apps I purchased are still there.

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