Day Two

Well today my laptop hard drive ran out of space! So I ran home at lunch time and left the laptop at home backing things up! Then I went to work without it!

No big deal – I only had several classes left. I used my iPad for attendance, played music off from it for the students to hear the Broadway tunes we are working on in class. Again I had to talk another teacher through what the iPad is and isn’t. Her husband is an Apple fanatic and is chomping at the bit to pick an iPad up.

Today I had some issues with the network at school. I kept on having to reconnect and type in my password for the school proxy.

I’ve been torn on the entire issue of “multi-tasking”. I did not know how much it was going to be missed. Well, during my prep time I used the iPad to create a keynote file. I then wanted to get that keynote onto my laptop (this was in the morning obviously) so I could project it on the big screen for class. Never did figure that issue out in time. After school though, as I have been trying to figure out how that works, the multi-tasking came up. I was in Keynote on the iPad uploading the file to iWork and I started the upload. I then figured that I would go read – mistake – file uploading=sit and wait. The nice thing was that keynote paused the upload, remembered where it was in the process and when I returned it simply resumed. The whole process is not as immediate and smooth as I would like to see yet. I am sure it will get better.

I use DropBox all the time on my laptops, personal and school, home iMac, and my iPod Touch. Drop box is a great invention! I tried it on the iPad last night, using the same app as my iPod Touch has. It was a horrible experience! Hopefully Dropbox comes out with a native iPad version SOON! Then the next step would be for Apple to allow us to use Dropbox with Keynote or Pages.

The WordPress app is giving me some issues still…. One issue is the spell check popup replacement bubble – I get suggestions but I just can not always get them to work. The second issue was while at school typing up this post – the app would just freeze. It was like it went to save what had been typed but got stuck. I have not had this problem at home yet.

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