Release Day

I called on Friday night to double check my reservation. I mean I WAS a Long ways away from the Pentagon City store as well as home. The cars were loaded the night before and the alarm was set for 5AM. We left at 6 from Myrtle Beach and started the drive. I drove the van with our family and our niece and nephew followed in their Jeep. Traffic was great until we got close to DC. I was getting anxious, i had to be their before 3. We finally pulled into the mall parking lot at 2:30. Now I just had to find the store. Plus I had to use the restroom as I no way was going to stop on the drive there. I guess we should have left at 5! My two teenage boys and I left the others and took off.

We ducked into the ice cream store to use their restroom and get directions to the Apple Store. They were as excited as I was! Finally we found the Apple Store, checked in and the guy said “Wow! That is cutting it close!” Really long hour and a half later we left empt handed because the point of sales would not allow my check to clear! I even offered to log into my bank account and show them my accounts! It did not help! I think I even had a tear in the corner of my eye I was so disappointed! We left and went sightseeing. The Air and Space Museum was not the same! I was NOT having a good ending to my Spring Break! We took off to the hotel about 8pm. On the way back my wife wanted to stop at Target. As we were driving in, I saw the Best Buy next door. My eyes brightened, and my brain flew into high gear! I looked at my wife and held my breath. I thought we were out of checks but I asked any ways. She had one more! Now if only they actually had an iPad in stock! I walked in and there they were, the display units! I had not even had time earlier to play with one at the Apple Store so I took a second and touched one. SWEET! I found the sales guy and asked the question – he told me there were none left. Turns out he was joking! They had plenty! ONE 64 gig left, like I said plenty. My boys had earned an iPod Touch each from good grades and school activities so we walked over, grabbed those and a few short minutes later we had the receipt. All I can say is that Steve Jobs is getting an email from me this week. To the credit of the Apple employees, they were very nice and tried to help!

We returned to the hotel, where for the first time all week we had free wi-fi. Pretty funny as we were in a local, cheap hotel whereas earlier we had been in a really nice big time hotel with 20 floors and a pool on the 6th floor roof top!

After downloading the new iTunes we had two laptops, 3 iPod Touches and an iPad up and running. Why did we not get a picture? It was beautiful!

The next morning I was sitting on my hotel bed, with the door open to the parking lot. An older gentleman walked by, saw me playing with the iPad and said, “Is that one of those new iPad thingees from Apple? I have to check that out to see what all the hoopla is all about?” Of course i was happy to shoe him. He liked it.

Of course i am typing this on the iPad, as I watch the two hour episode of 24. Things got freaked out on my home network. Not sure why, I had to take a pen and push the little tiny reset button on my airport express. Between that issue, driving home, driving to pick kids up from Grandma and Grandpa’s, and watching my 8th grade son take the local Pixie Challenge (6 coney dogs in an hour – he did it in like 8 minutes!) for our last meal of the break, I have not had much time with this.

I did find out that WordPress blogs, using the built in iPad web browser, does not work. A simple download of the WordPress app and I was writing away. It is nice to type on. I have noticed a few little things that will take some getting used to. Follow along on this exciting journey.

So much for following along with the mused chat on Twitter tonight. If you are a music teacher you should be following this chat on Monday nights from 7 to 8PM Eastern Time. I would put the link in here but am not sure how to keep this window open, find the link, copy it and not loose what I have written already while watching 24! I will post the link tomorrow. Search for Joe Pisano and musedchat.


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