Last thoughts for the day.

I love this thing! It’s Monday night at 11 pm, two days after buying the iPad. I charged it that night. I still have 50% battery. Granted, I’ve been doing too much driving and that has not left much time to play with the iPad but I like that I am not freaking out about having to get it charged!

When i showed this to the gentleman at the hotel, his first comment was ” You did not have to turn it on.” he said that because I had hit the power button before walking over to him so it was off when he first saw it. He watched me turn it on and was impressed by how fast it was on! So am I.

I like how it doesn’t matter which way is “up”. I forget where the power button is and just keep turning it. I go to hit the home button and find out it is “upside down” a lot!


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