First full day

So everyone at school was very intrigued. I spent too much time showing it and explaining it to people. I wanted to use it.

So I am using Twitterific and found that when I go to look at a tweet that includes a link to a web page with an app on it, something weird happens, I have to go to the apple app store to really access the information. I can not look at the info in the webpage like screen shots.

Multi tasking, running more than one app at a timely…. Do I really need it? Not so sure. But I just loaded up Pandora, got some music playing and without thinking twice about it switched to my word press blog to write some more. Guess what? No more music!

I do like it when developers take time to rewrite the pop up keyboards. These keyboards should include situation sensitive keys. Like a .com key or having a @ symbol on the main keyboard if you are probably going to be typing in an email address.

I really like the audio feedback from typing.


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