MultiTrack Recording App For Free Today

So you want to get started in multitrack recording on your iPad and you want tan app that will record both audio as well as MIDI?

What' that? You want the app to be free too?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha , cough…. Not a chance….

Wait, maybe today is your lucky day!

Try this one…. Pocket Studio. This app used to be called Studio2 and for some reason changed their name today. The app also allows you to work hand in hand with BeatPad

  • 96 track!
  • Audio and MIDI
  • Now you can edit the MIDI notes (curious thing to not have been able to do do from the get go)
  • AudioBus compatable

Here are a few screen shots to entice you to pull out your empty wallet…






Guitar Apps For iPad You Should Consider

There are two apps right now that may be of use to those of you who work with guitar players. Both apps have dropped to the great price of FREE currently.

Songster Small IconSONGSTER:
The first is Songster – I have used this app and it is wonderful and I’m not even a guitar player! This app has gone from $5 to $20 to $150! What they are trying to feel out is how much people are willing to pay for access to their library of guitar chords. Currently the app is free and you can get a feel for how the app works but there is a monthly subscription fee if you want full access.

Songster is amazing in how extensive their library is. Each of the songs are already figured out for you – you can view each individual guitar part, bass part, drum set tabs, and even vocal parts are there too. Whatever the songs originally had you can see tabs for! For instance on The Beatles song Yesterday you can see the string quartet parts! OF COURSE THIS IS DEPENDENT ON SOMEONE FIGURING OUT THE PARTS FIRST! Also, don’t go looking for any classical pieces in this app.

Huge timesaver!

This app is not one that I have used because I simply have not the desire to spend the time to learn to play guitar - Any instrument with more than 5 strings and I just don’t get along.


It is free right now though just dropped in price from $50! It was up to $200 at one time!

The Future of Learning To Play

capo3-logo-headerWell, I wrote about the future having arrived a few days ago when I wrote about NotateMe. I wasn’t kidding either and apparently a LOT of other people were very intrigued as well! Thanks for reading that post about the transformation from NEEDING a computer to being able to work ONLY with a mobile device in music.

Now let’s talk about the future of LEARNING how to play a piece of music. For thousands of years people have relied on learning how to play music by listening to it – they repeated sections of the piece over and over, repeating what someone played for them. Simple call and response, over and over. When learning someone else’s music this tradition has not died even now.

Now though, it is going to be a whole lot easier! If you have EVER worked on figuring out a song by ear you know how many hours it takes us! (OK, well at least me a few thousand others who are not blessed with the ability to play anything we hear by hear!) This app is going to save you hours!

Capo3 Small IconCapo has been out for a while now on a normal computer and is now up to version 3! Now Capo Touch Small IconCapo Touch available for those using iOS mobile devices!

In fact currently both the desktop version and the mobile versions are on 50% sale! So the time to buy them is now!

Capo3 Small IconCapo3 for the Mac – $14.99 (50% off normal price)

Capo Touch Small IconCapo Touch for iOS – $4.99 (505 of what the normal price will be soon!) [runs on both iPhone and iPad]

Let’s talk about what Capo is since most of us don’t know….


  • Automatic Chord detection – it will TELL you the chords for any song in your iTunes library! Doc Brown would have hated us having this tool available back when we were taking Ear Training and Music Theory back in college!
  • Slows Your Music – High quality time stretching engine that will slow that music down to a learnable pace!
  • Looping Regions – Play it again Sam! Over and over, slower if you like, until you get it!
  • Transposition – Now we can instantly change the key of the song!
  • Chord Boxes – For those of you who are guitar players (or teach guitarists) Capo will show you how to play those chords it has automatically detected AND if you transpose the song it transposes those chord boxes too!
  • Capo and Tuning Options – yup got those covered too for all you guitar players
  • Metronome, Count-Off, and Effects – Not sure where that beat is? Well turn the metronome on silly!
  • Beautiful Interface – Gives you a great experience browsing you music library to pick that next song to learn.
  • iCloud Syncing – Work on you iPhone while out and about and then when you pull out your iPad later everything will be in sync. Of course, since Capo is also available on a normal computer it syncs there as well!

There is at least one difference between the desktop version of Capo and the mobile. On the desktop version you are able to actually draw in notes on top of the spectrograph, just like you would in a piano roll on a MIDI sequencer. Then, after drawing those notes out, you will actually get TABS so that you can learn the part on your guitar.


I am impressed at all of the pro musicians they have who are backing this app too! Go ahead, click that picture below and read everything they are saying about it! Pretty cool. These are not just some ol’ teacher like me – these are people getting paid good money for the music they make!




Capo Pros Shot


The app currently has tabs, chords, and chord diagrams for guitarists. Which is awesome but I would love to see the ability to have music notation instead of tabs! Even if I could export what I have done in Capo as an XML file to use in Sibelius or another notation app it would be awesome. I currently am using Capo2 and the export function does not work very well – OK, actually I could never get it to do anything – UNTIL I imported the MIDI file into Sibelius. Once it imported into Sibelius I was able to see the notes I had drawn in. Of course it was not performance ready but it would give us non-guitar players something to look at that would be better than tabs. Now, if it would just export the chords as well!

Maybe the export functions are better in Capo3? If someone has v3 and could let me know it would be awesome!

If you are ever in need of an app to help you figure out how to play a song that you do not already have music for this is it!

In fact, this answers one of my issues I have with my own music – I play and record then I forget what I played and recorded! This app helps me solve that issue! Usually, I am composing in a DAW, like Cubasis or Logic and using audio recordings. Before this app there was no way for me to turn that audio back into any sort of notation to help me remember what in the world I played! Now, problem solved!

If you are a teacher, a performer, or an amateur musician, you would be crazy not to grab at least one of these if not both of them!

Capo3 Small IconCapo3 for the Mac - $14.99 (50% off normal price)

Capo Touch Small IconCapo Touch for iOS - $4.99 (505 of what the normal price will be soon!)



Remember - if you are inspired to purchase apps because of my blog, please click on my links and help give back to my efforts here. Each link is an affiliate link and gives me a small percentage of Apple’s profit on each app. The developer still gets their full profit.

3 iOS Apps That Make it Simple for Recording Your Music

Hokusai Big Icon reSonare Big Icon Take Big Icon

Musicians always have the desire to record our music, be it our own or that music we are listening to around us. They also have longed for a way to quickly capture musical thoughts and ideas that pop into our heads. Usually these ideas pop into our heads at the most inopportune times – on the train on the way to work, at work during lunch break, or maybe waiting in line. How do we capture those ideas quickly with a minimum of fuss?

Have you ever used Apple’s Voice Memos app because it is so straightforward and drop dead simple to use? Then you also were probably left with a desire for that app to offer just a little bit more!

This is going to be a simple and straightforward post about a few apps that are great options to simply record. We are not talking about apps like GarageBand and Cubasis, nope, just apps that let you record quickly and easily. They let you record one or more tracks, do a few basic edits and maybe have a few other “extras” like adding reverb or sharing.


App Around The Longest -
Hokusai Small IconHokusai (Free) – (Introduced on August 1, 2011) [Has both iPad and iPhone versions]

Newest App (Geared towards vocalists [or in my opinion, ANYONE] ) -
Take Small IconTake Creative Vocal Recorder (Free) – (Released July 10, 2014) [Only has iPhone app but it will run on an iPad.]

App Directed Towards Instrumentalists -
reSonare Small IconreSonare (Introduced April 15, 2014) [Only has iPhone app but it will run on an iPad.]


Hokusai Screen1HOKUSAI:
I love the way Hokusai allows you to interact with the audio on a touch interface. This app allows you to do multitrack recording and also allows you to edit that audio – trim the ends, cut, copy, paste, delete and you even have some filters and special effects! You can transfer the edited audio via USB, DropBox or use the Open In option to send to other apps.




Hokusai Edit Screen




Take Record ShotTAKE CREATIVE VOCAL RECORDER:Take 3 Tracks Shot
Takes the drop-dead simplicity of your voice memos and combines to with features custom tailored to vocalists (Or any musician, in my opinion) Propellerhead has released a wonderful app today that allows you to start recording right away, with the tap of just one button!

But it gives you just a few more options as well. There are three parts per song you can record, allowing for some harmonies or an instrumental track. There is the all important metronome too! This metronome is not Beethoven’s metronome though, it has some fun loops and beats to get you inspired to musical greatness. Then there are even some basic effects controls that let you control the Reverb/Delay added to your recording. This is important because once again we are recording with our iOS mic which records in mono. Propellerhead designed this app to work specifically with that scenario though and engineered the app to maximize the quality of those recordings.

Of course what would an app be these days without ways to share our musical explorations? FaceBook, Twitter and email all are covered here as well as sending through a message.

This is a beautiful looking app and joins a fine family of Propellerhead apps on the app store that you need to check out!

The family includes:

  • Figure ($0.99) - builds some great 3 part music. The tag reads, “Got 3 minutes to make some music?” If you don’t have this yet it’s a ton of fun! The kids love it because it is so easy to get some pretty rocking music out of!
  • Thor Polysonic Synthesizer ($15) - one of the best synth apps out there.
  • ReBirth for iPad ($15) – Legendary software reborn for iOS


reSonare iPhone ViewreSONARE:reSonare Musicians
For the “classical” musician to record themselves performing on their instruments. Has pre-sets for different instruments. So if you are recording a flute you would then select the Flute preset for optimal sound vs having the Piano preset selected. Also helps improve the mono recording you get by using the built-in microphone on iOS devices by giving you a stereo widening effect along with EQ and reverb. Gives you a one click step to mastering your mono recording into stereo with pseudo-stereo and specialization techniques. (Read that as – Sounds better than plain old, normal recordings!)

Professional Musicians helped develop the app settings and they also created guidelines for recording each instrument that you can read in the app.

Allows you to share via email, Wi-Fi, iTunes files haring, DropBox and my favorite for students, SoundCloud.

Indispensable iPad App for Music Teachers! Anytune Pro+ (Warning about updating to latest Version!)

First of all – if you have been using AnyTune Icon SmallAnytune Pro+ as much as I have and you actively use the ability to access YouTube DO NOT UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION which will be 3.10.2

They are being forced to remove this ability (which is an amazing tool when trying to learn how to play a song!) Here is there warning….

Do Not Update Anytune

This is one of those prime examples of why having the AutoUpdate feature turned on for you apps is not always a great idea! If you are not sure about this then go to your Settings app and scroll all the way down to the iTunes & App Store on the left.

From their website this is a great suggestion here…

“If you happen to have purchased Anytune Pro or Anytune Pro+ rather than the free Anytune, you could always get the free one now to use for the download functionality and keep it backed up at 3.10.1. Then make use of the free version to export the original downloaded tracks to Pro+ via Open-In… just sayin’. ;)

That way you could still update Anytune Pro+ as we release updates to get the new Audiobus SDK (among other things), while still having a relatively convenient way of getting downloaded tracks into Pro+.”

A couple of years ago I wrote about an app I use that I find indispensable as a teaching tool and as a personal tool. That blog post can be found here – Indispensable For Music Teachers

The YouTube function of this app is just one of the great tools and ways we utilize it in our music lessons. We use this all the time during marching season because it is so easy to create “Marks” for all of our songs to use during marching rehearsals. That allows us to jump exactly to a specific spot in the song without fumbling around – HINT:I usually set the Mark 4 counts ahead of where it actually is at so that there is in effect a 4 count, count off. Plus it is absolutely easy to create loops so that we can march back and forth between two spots.

The app runs on iPod Touch, iPhone and of course iPad. That means my students use this app as well! In fact, there are plenty of kids with their own devices that it isn’t my own device running rehearsals it is now one of the students. Plus AnyTune gives you the ability to share Marks and Loop Points with the Cloud making it easy for me to create all those important points and the kids just simply pull those from the Cloud.

Anyways… maybe it’s time to write another post about this again? It IS marching season again.

There are really only two versions of this app for you to look at one is free with a bunch of In-App-Purchases and the other is their Pro+ version with just a couple of IAP’s. Here is a list of what the differences are….

AnyTune Icon SmallAnyTune (Free):

- Practice at your pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch
- Visualize your song to find the part you want quickly and easily
- Organize songs into folders and playlists / setlists
- Mark and loop song sections for practicing
- Record and share
- Stream audio to Audiobus-compatible apps
- Transparent import from iTunes
- Import Audio from Videos
- Backup marks and settings to iCloud
- Shuffle

AnyTune Icon SmallAnyTune Pro+ ($14.99)
Basic (Included in Pro+):

- Custom Skins
- Ad Free
- Auto Loop Between Marks
- Lyrics Editing and Auto Scroll

Pro (Included in Pro+):
- Adjust Gain and Pan
- ReTune your song with scripted tempo and pitch changes
- Delayed playback start
- Tempo Interval Trainer
- Transcribe mode to facilitate replay
- Unlimited audio marks

Studio (Included in Pro+):
- Amazing HQ audio quality down to 0.05x!
- Pitch up or down by 24.0 semi
- Pinpoint your instrument in the song with FineTouch™ EQ
- Feel as though you’re playing in the band with LiveMix™
- Queue up a mark for playback with Play Next
- Fade-In or Fade-Out music when playing or pausing

Import (Included in Pro+):
- Import your music from Dropbox, WiFi and Open-In

Export (Optional In-App Purchase):
- Export a tempo/pitch adjusted track via Email or Open-In (m4a/aac format)

NotateMe and PhotoScore IAP (compatibility notes too)

So I can say that the full version of the PhotoScore IAP for NotateMe works pretty well!

notatemelogoI worked on a score with 8 staves on it that was printed pretty small. Each 8.5 x 11 page had a top and a bottom to it with a total of 9 pages. When I used PhotoScore I took a picture of the top set of 8 staves and then I tapped the continue option to then take a picture of the bottom set of 8 staves. So in effect I had 18 pages to the score when I got done.

In all of that there were three major errors -

1)On one page one measure got really messed up! I’m not sure, but I wonder if I cut off a bar line or something when I was taking pictures. No way of telling now though.

2)Four of the staves where Bb Instruments and then I had a Piano, Bass and Drums. The transposition here is really messing with me. I will have to play with it more to see how to make it work right. The Piano and Bass ended up in the wrong key though. So I ended up fixing that in Sibelius.

3)The Drum part used note heads that are X’s to indicate hi-hat and ride. PhotoScore does not bring those in as X note heads but it DOES bring them in as regular note heads. When there were 2 of these cymbals parts stacked on top of each other it just didn’t recognize what was going on though. The drum part did have a bunch of measures that came through really weird and so again I fixed this in Sibelius.

Minor errors – The scanning process missed a couple of accidentals in the piano part too.

The chords in the piano part all were recognized and pulled over into Sibelius just fine!

It took me about an hour total to end up with a recording exported out of Sibelius for my students to refer to and rehearse with! That is way less time then in the past when I had to either input the notes by hand or play them all in using my keyboard. This is a WIN!

I think that with a larger score like this it may just be easier to export the XML file into Sibelius or Finale and do the editing on a bigger screen. When I was working with just one part at a time I did not mind doing the editing on the iPad but this was too much I feel.


A few people have asked great questions that I should have pointed out a few days ago… Yes, NotateMe will export XML files that will work in Sibelius, Notion, or Finale. (it also exports MIDI for that matter and even PDF files too).

NotateMe -

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.28.28 AM

NotateMe Now -

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.30.26 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.30.33 AM

The fact that this technology is even possible on ANY iPad or iPhone astounds me! The fact that it requires the better camera does NOT surprise me at all!

What does this mean for schools and students with older devices? Well, the handwriting part of these apps still give us an amazing composition tool to use in class and NotateME Now is FREE!

Those with the older devices will update soon enough and more and more students will have access to even the PhotoScore IAP!

That simply underlines what I have said all along – make sure you know what you want to do with devices like an iPad in your classroom BEFORE you make your purchase. Plan for the future too! You know that tech and app capabilities are going to march onward and demand more power, better camera quality and more storage so go as for as big a device as you can possibly get.

If you are a teacher then the 64GB iPad is what you should be looking at and I can NOT think of a reason to not get the iPad Air. Yes, it’s a few more dollars but it will be worth it as you will be using this deice for the next 3-5 years or longer. If you are not using it then you will have upgraded to the next latest and greatest and someone else WILL be using that iPad Air!

Android users rejoice – this app is one of the few music apps for Android! You are not left out in the cold this time so go support Neuratron for their great efforts!

Awesome Story Telling App That Looks Amazing!

Storehouse ScreenShotDo your students have access to iPads?

Can you think of any reason for them to create stories to enhance their learning?

Well then here’s an awesome app that will enhance their story telling. In fact, the end product is a very appealing, multimedia piece of eye candy!

The app is Storehouse Small IconStoreHouse. The app allows you to import up to 50 photo’s and videos (they can only be 30 seconds long). Then you add in text to tell and narrate the story line. The end product ends up on the web for all to enjoy and read. There are some awesome ones up there for you to check out.

The photos and video can be imported from the camera roll, iPhoto library, Dropbox and even Flickr or Instagram. Then you get to move them around, resize them and mix in the text.

After you have your story done you get to upload it to the Storehouse web servers and that is where it lives. You also can share it via Twitter, FaceBook, the Web, and even Tumblr.

Storehouse is a place you may even be able to find some stories from other people and places that you could use in your classroom.

WARNING – The video takes a long time to import even though they are only 30 second long clips.

Here is an example I found tonight….

The Old Mill

And one that I made tonight….

Kayaking in Munising


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