AudioStretch App Free for Today

AudioStretch IconAudioStretch, the free app of the day could be useful if you don’t already have another app like AnyTune Pro+

I am especially intrigued by this statement – “

Transcription made Simple

Change the speed of audio files without changing the pitch. Freeze it at zero speed to work out tricky chords and solos. Transpose to any key.”

Plus they give you a keyboard/spectrum to help you transcribe…. hmmmm…..

AudioStretch Shot

Music Creativity Apps On Sale Right Now!

loopyHS small iconLoopyHD – $1.99 (75% off)

Traktor small iconTraktor DJ – $4.99 (50% off)

Djay2 small icondjay 2 – $4.99 (50% off)

bebop small iconBebot – Robot Synth – $.99 (50% off)

iMaschine Small IconiMaschine – $1.99 (over 50% off)

TonalEnergy Small IconTonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome – $1.99 (50% off) – My go to tuner every day in rehearsals along with Tunable

OnSong Small IconOnSong – $5.99 (50% off) – If you use chord chart then this is THE app for you! You will not find a better way to handle all those chord charts and perform from them!

ForScore App 50% off Currently! If you are a musician you need this app!

ForScoreIf you are a musician and you have an iPad then this app should be on your main screen and it should be one of the apps you use for all your digital sheet music!

Considering that ForScore is currently on 50% sale for $4.99 this is a no-brainer purchase if you do not for some reason have this app. (I have to admit that I am constantly surprised at the number of musicians who have an iPad but have not gone to digital sheet music!)

ForScore, UnRealBook and GigBook are the main competitors for the best app to use for music that you have scanned and turned into PDF’s.

Using these apps is the main reason I bought an iPad1 on the day it was released. There are many advantages to using an app made by musicians for musicians over a simple PDF reader app like PDF Expert or GoodReader. Here are a few….

  1. ALL of your sheet music can be carried and organized in your iPad!
  2. You can set hotspots for repeats, D.S.’s and D.C.’s.
  3. There is a built-in Metronome, recorder and pitch-pipe.
  4. It’s so easy to annotate the music using any color and size of pen you want.
  5. ForScore has a “Rearrange” feature that allows you to edit the pages in your PDF – change the order, delete, duplicate and even rotate pages with ease.
  6. You can even Crop out the extra white space on the page edges.
  7. ForScore has always worked in conjunction with DropBox and now also works with Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV, FTP and Box!
  8. Create Set-Lists to help you organize your music
  9. Easily edit the meta-data associated with your PDF’s to aid in organization – edit the Title, Composer, Genre, add Tags etc…
  10. You can also connect a song from you iTunes library to your PDF, allowing you to play the recording while you read along on the sheet music.

ForScore AnnotationNew

Excellent Photo App For Teachers With iPads

My bands take trips all the time. When we are done we love looking at the pictures and telling stories about our trips.

Photo Mapo is a nifty little app I found tonight that I will be using every time we go somewhere from now on. (The app is currently free but not for long)

The idea is simple, take a photo, include a map, spiff it up with a sweet layout and then share it, print it and put it on your bulletin board to show off your band! Here are a few samples.



The Best Scanner is the Scanner you Have With You….

Isn’t that what they say?

Here’s an app that is free for today only that is worth your time if you don’t have an app to assist you in using you iPad or iPhone for scanning.

FineScanner Small IconFineScanner

Through Tonight You Can Still Get Magellan for a buck!

If you have NOT taken advantage of the Yonac sale going currently time is running out! They did extend the sale through tonight! The app I would HIGHLY suggest you purchase, if you're you don't already own it, is Magellan! Both for iPhone and iPad… The iPad version is normally $15 and it is only .99 cents through tonight….

Yonac is celebrating its 6th year of iOS Music apps! It's apps are 0.99 cents!

Magellan Small IconMagellan for iPad – Awesome synth app

Magellan Small IconMagellan for iPhone – Perfect companion for that new larger screen on the iPhone6 Plus! (or any music making on the go)

TonStack Small IconTone Stack – Amazing Selection of Pro Amps & FX for guitarists

miniSynth Pro Small IconminiSynth Pro – for the iPad

miniSynth2 Small IconminiSynth 2 – for the iPhone

Galileo Organ Small IconGalileo Organ – Organ bliss for the iPad

Organ+ Small IconOrgan+ – Organ glory for the iPhone

PitchBot Small IconPitchBot – Smart Chromatic Tuner

Apps and iTunes and Storage

I have very mixed feelings about all the apps I have accumulated over the years.

First – they take up a TON of space on my computer. Have you ever checked it out? You should.

Second – If I can simply download those apps again, if for some reason I delete them from my iPad, then why save them on my computer? So last year I proceeded to delete all apps from my computer. I mean, there were a BUNCH of apps that I have downloaded over the years and tried then just got rid of. Then there were apps that I had downloaded and used for a while but ran out of space on my 32GB iPad so I had deleted them from my iPad in favor of new apps to try out. Then there were those apps that I really loved but we're just too large to keep on my iPad because I didn't use them all that often or there were other apps that would suffice but took less room.

I saved a TON of hard drive space! Excitement!

Third – Now I see more and more apps that are not going to support the iPad1 and soon the iPad2. The other issue here is that some apps have had to remove functionality in some of the newer versions because of policy changes by Apple,changes in the iOS capability or SDK.

I hope to keep those older iPads going in my classroom. I feel they can be useful still especially since I am not in a 1:1 school. This means I am going to have to be careful about which apps to delete and then ASSUME I will be able to download from Apple later.

Two music apps that pop into my head as ones that I will not be deleting from my laptop/hard drive are AnyTune Pro (certain very useful features were removed in the latest update a while back – the developers were great about warning people about this) Tonight I have also heard of another app that I have used since the beginning for my sheet music that will have to make iOS7 the lowest iOS that this app will support. That means my iPad1 will need the older version of this app!

What does this all mean? Be careful what you delete people! You may not be able to get it back I the future.

Even more important…. Buy the BIGGER iPad or iPhone! Seriously, the 16 GB is too small for musicians , even students! My daughters Christmas present was a 16GB iPad Mini and now I regret that we didn't go with the 32. If you are a teacher then the 64 GB is minimum I feel for the iPad and 32 is pushing even on the iPhone!



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