Great Resource List of music Teachers Who Blog

Amy burns has an amazing list of a bunch of teachers you should all go add to your RSS feeds right now!




Input Slider on Loopy. Finally!

LoopyHD has been updated and one of the new features I am so happy to see is that there is now an Input gain slider! It's about time that ALL iOS music apps get this!

Plus it's on sale for half off currently too!


Yamaha Mobile Apps go Free!

Whoa… this is quite the sale on Yamaha Mobile apps. I’ve got to say that I’ve never tried any of these but I had to let you know about the sale at least… Check this post out over at

MultiTrack Recording App For Free Today

So you want to get started in multitrack recording on your iPad and you want tan app that will record both audio as well as MIDI?

What' that? You want the app to be free too?! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha , cough…. Not a chance….

Wait, maybe today is your lucky day!

Try this one…. Pocket Studio. This app used to be called Studio2 and for some reason changed their name today. The app also allows you to work hand in hand with BeatPad

  • 96 track!
  • Audio and MIDI
  • Now you can edit the MIDI notes (curious thing to not have been able to do do from the get go)
  • AudioBus compatable

Here are a few screen shots to entice you to pull out your empty wallet…






iPad vs ChromeBooks in Music Education

Are you involved in this eternal debate of “which device is the best choice for your school?”

Here is some great information from Chris over at Technology In Music Education – The Chromebook vs iPad Debate

I really appreciate the point he makes using the SAMR model -

“If you are familiar with Rueben Puentedura’s SAMR model of technology integration, tech integration begins with Substitution.  Chromebooks (and other clamshell devices) do not fit into our music classooms (no desks!).  That means that if you are a Chromebook school, your music teacher has to jump to levels of M and R (modification and redefinition) to use that technology in their classroom.  That’s terribly unfair, as much of the “core” can “substitute” and show tech integration in their classrooms.  Many of the “elective areas” have the same SAMR problem when it comes to clamshell devices.”

and there you have it….

Great Piano App for your iPad at a Great Price!

If you are looking for an app with awesome piano sounds built in then look no further, IK iGrand Piano app is awesome! It is on sale currently for $11.99 down from the normal price of $19.99.


Confusing iPad Recording

When you have Cubasis controlling SampleTank it starts simple. Then you add in an external MIDI keyboard, the QuNexus. Then you run three parts in SampleTank, all MIDI tracks so that you can edit them for cleaning your recordings up. At some point I decided to add in InterApp Audio and that never did work so I resorted to good ole’ AudioBus. Then I fired up up Magellan and Animoog. Of course to share the masterpiece I had to turn those MIDI tracks into audio first using AudioBus. Then it all got shared to SoundCloud for the world to enjoy and I wrote about it using Blogsy and posted it to WordPress (not the app though, the actual website)

So….. Got it!?

Recorded three MIDI tracks then two audio tracks then mixed the MIDI down to audio then mixed the whole thing down to an m4a file.

Used Cubasis, SampleTank, AudioBus, Animoog, Magellan for the recording.

Tried using InterApp Audio but failed.

Then shared it with the world using SoundCloud, Blogsy and WordPress.

Confused? So start small and take baby steps…… That’s how we learn.

Eb Open by tpshimmons

iOS 8 Improvements that will make a difference in Education

Here’s a good one…..

1)”With iOS 8, you can wirelessly connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to Apple TV without first connecting to the organization’s network. Which means you can present or share your work even in you’re offline or the organization has a complex network.”

Your iOS device will talk directly to the Apple TV with a peer-to-peer connection. AirDrop uses the same technology, for convenience reasons.


2)Easier to setup devices that belong to the school.


4)AirDrop between iOS and Mac


CoTracks Drops Price Again!

Cotracks Small iconCoTracks is an app created for you to have some fun creating music, by yourself or with others! All on one iPad inside of one app!

It is now $1.99


Facebook Updates and Tries to Become FourSquare – Warning!

So the latest FaceBook update just came through to my phone….. I'm NOT happy with THIS move! They want to become the next FourSquare/Swarm ( or whatever that service is now called)!

They want to track your location, creating a history of exactly where you are and have been, plus make your location available to all your friends. Now of course you can choose to turn this “feature” off, which I immediately did, but I just thought I'd warn you all!

Happy Mermorial Day!


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