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Useful App to Get Information About Your Photos

PhotoInfoWell this looks useful! PhotoInfo – Only $0.99 too!

I am forever wondering about the details of my photos. Things like size, quality, places they were taken – you know the nitty gritty!

Here is PhotoInfo by Enrico Bonaldo…. I really like the fact this works as an extension on iOS8! Very, very, handy!

With PhotInfo you can:
• view all Exif tags from the image, in human readable or in native format
• copy the key data or the content of individual tags
• (with a very simple interface) create a copy of the image eliminating or modifying tags for:
– the place (you can take it from another picture)
– the date and time when the photo was taken (you can take it from another picture)
– the orientation
– the author (the artist)
– the copyright
– the image description
• create a copy of the image with the minimum content of the tags (related to image data structure, such as the image size and resolution)
• see where the photo was taken, in different ways:
– locate in a map
– show the coordinates
– show the address (internet connection required)
– visualize the city name (internet connection required)
• share pictures on facebook, twitter or by email
• display some information from video (videos have not exif data):
– file name
– file size
– date and time
– location (when available)
– length
• quickly scroll through the albums of your iOS device

Using and iPad to Record and Broadcast Meetings at School

We are discussing the idea of using an iPad to record and broadcast Board of Education meetings at our school. I’m wondering if anyone out there is currently doing this sort of thing already. I’m very interested in how you are making this happen. It seems easy enough to broadcast using a service like High School Cube or uStream. It’d even be possible maybe to use YouTube Capture. I’m also wondering about the microphone situation. The mic on just the iPad doesn’t seem to me like it would provide enough coverage of the entire room. Does anyone know about using audio interfaces with any of the mentioned broadcasting services. Audio interfaces that would allow us to use several microphones providing greater coverage… Or maybe just one of these from Line6 would work….


Leave me a comment below if you have helpful suggestions! Thanks for your help.

Recording Your Ensembles and Sample Rate – Important Stuff, Pay Attention To It!

If you are like me you have probably wondered what the heck those sample rates are and what difference they make. I’ve never really given them much thought though because they have never tripped me up until this weekend. So I write this post in hopes you don’t make the same mistake I did!

We had a concert with our Brass Ensemble here on Saturday. Of course I offered to help get a good recording. I called my friend, I can call him that now because he hasn’t been my student now for 17 years, and we made plans. He grabbed microphones and I brought my MacBook and PreSonus StudioLive sound board.

PreSonus’s software and board helped everything go quickly with setup. He EQ’d the 5 microphones, put some dynamic settings on them and then he fired up Capture2 on my MacBook to record some of the dress rehearsal.

During the concert I had one of my students run the recording as it was as simple as hitting the record button right before the piece started and stopping it at the end of each piece.

All went well UNTIL I got home that night and started editing the pieces…. actually the editing wasn’t where I discovered the problem. I discovered the issue when I bounced everything down to iTunes and shared it with the director. He emailed me back asking why everything was a step lower than what it was supposed to be! Well, I jumped on FaceBook to the StudioLive group and asked what was going on. Within a few moments I had my answer….. I had recorded the concert at one sample rate and mixed them down at another!

The concert was recorded at 44 kHz and I was mixing them down at 48 kHz. Or something like that – not sure I REALLY know which is which yet because I don’t have the StudioLive board here at home to check things on. All I know is that I went in and changed the field settings back to 48kHz and boom… back in the correct key and it isn’t too slow any more!

Check out the screenshot below (by the way I never did figure out how to do this in StudioOne 2 – I know it is in there some place but I just couldn’t find it. So, I pulled the files over into LogicProX and had it fixed in moments.


Sample Rate Original


Sample Rate Fixed

Listen here…. (by the way… those two wrong notes in the trumpet? yeah… never have I heard him miss notes in rehearsal OR performances! It happens to the best of us and he is awesome!)

Synth Apps for iPad

Did you know that many of these synth apps have In-App-Purchases to buy even more sounds!

Like Alchemy Synth small iconAlchemy – they have a whole bunch of different sound banks. These sound banks are a sampling of the best of the sounds that you can buy for the desktop version but at a much better price! You won’t get as many sounds on the iPad but then again what we want with us on the iPad is the best choices out of the whole lot.

Musical Composition on iPads – Let’s Teach Those Standards!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.53.19 PMMusical composition can be so much fun! Especially when you can actually manipulate sound in ways that are interesting to you! What if our students had iPads and a few music apps? What could they come up with?

I think we would be pleasantly surprised at what can be done in the palm of our kids hands! Music that would have taken a studio full of very expensive gear can now be created while on the bus ride home from school, in the cafeteria after eating a sandwich, sitting in the hallway waiting for basketball practice (although I must say that if I had this technology when I was in school, I would NEVER have made it to Basketball practice at all! I would have gotten so engrossed in the possibilities that I would have forgotten what time it was!)

This is a piece I came up with a year ago and as I was listening to it again tonight I was blown away with the endless possibilities of ways to be expressive, ways to change/mold/manipulate the sound! It’s so much fun to just sit and explore!

Created all on my iPad2. This track was a big exploration of 6 different synth apps. I simply went into an app and started messing around, picked a bunch of different sounds, tried them and when I had found something was interesting I started laying out a track into Cubasis. It was an evolution of exploration.

Any of these synth apps on their own could be the basis for creating our own musical masterpiece. The Novation Launch key app is a free app and would keep any middle or high school student busy for hours (or any of us old people too). The other apps are not free but should all be considered as exceptional apps to look at for students to purchase on their own or for the school to purchase as a part of the annual budgets allocated to music apps/classes.

I used the DAW, Cubasis small iconCubasis to record all the tracks through AudioBus.

Drum tracks were done with Alchemy Synth small iconAlchemy, bass part Distorted Guitar and pads were all from Sunrizer iconSunRizer.  Bass2 and the wobble bass sound from Thor Small iconThor PolySonic Synthesizer.  The bending synth sound from Launchkey SmallLaunchkey and then NaveNave and Animoog Small IconAnimoog were also used. 10 tracks of digital bliss!

TC-Helicon Releases New iPad App for Looping/Recording – VoiceJam Studio

VoiceJam ScreenYou really must be excited that today is like Christmas! TC-Helicon has released their VoiceJam Studio Small IconVoiceJam Studio and it's a pretty amazing app! I've got a few looping apps, more then a few DAW apps and several effects apps on my iPad but VoiceJam Studio is a very well designed app that takes the interface of the iPad and puts it to great use in new ways.

In short this app is for Singing, Creating, and Sharing. You sing and record yourself. Then you start adding loops on top of that and pretty soon you have an entire song, or maybe a new idea for your next song. There is a powerful looping environment from which everything is recorded alongside pro-quality effects to spruce up your vocals. The way the looper is designed is the best implementation that I've seen yet in an iPad app – very easy to understand and work.

Then after you have created your masterpiece you have the ability to upload and share that creation. In fact, there is a surprise here…. VoiceJam Studio obviously allows the sharing of the audio track as one would expect BUT the app also allows you to record a video of you putting the entire thing together and then upload THAT to YouTube! I love watching videos like this that sow me how people put their loops together into one final masterpiece and now that capability is built right into my looping app. No longer will you have to set up a separate device to record the video and then try to splice in the audio in a movie editor!

VoiceJam Studio Small IconVoiceJam Studio is currently at a 50% intro price – $9.99. Eventually it will be a $20 app and worth every penny of that price!

Here is a YouTube video to show you some of what the app can do. TC-Helicon has four or five nicely done YouTube videos that steps you through the app….



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