AnyTune Pro+ Christmas Give Away Contest for iPad/Mac Musicians!

AnyTune LogoI have a great Christmas present for 4 lucky readers of my blog! 3 will win AnyTune Icon SmallAnyTune Pro+ for iOS and 1 will win the newly released Mac Version of the app! Read to the end to find out how to enter… UPDATE – ENTER BETWEEN Dec 25 and Dec 29 at 6PM (Eastern Time Zone)

If you are a musician with an iPad then you are probably aware of the AnyTune App! If you are then you know how excited I was to find out that the app was being released as a Mac version as well as the iPad/iPhone version!

If you are not aware of this app then you need to be…. the app allows you to play any song you have in your music library at any tempo, any pitch/key, insert bookmarks, and even adjust their FineTouchEQ and LiveMix capabilities to play along/rehearse with that song. Every musician runs into those songs that they need to learn by slowing down the recording to figure the notes from the original. AnyTune gives you the tools you need to do that with ease! Musicians also have the need to quickly find specific sections of a recording and then loop that section over and over while they rehearse it. Band Directors, Choir Directors and General Music Teachers will find uses for AnyTune in all sorts of settings – rehearsals, performances and private lessons!

If you want to read the review I did awhile back –  Indispensable app for Music Teachers?


I am so glad that this has come out on the Mac as well as iOS. Here are some highlights from their website…

  • “Create multiple Loops and Audiomarks for quick navigation and to add comments. Collaborate virtually with others by sharing song tempo, pitch, and EQ settings, Audiomarks, and Loopmarks via email.”
  • iCloud Sync – “Share your Song settings between Anytune on your Mac and your iPad or iPhone using iCloud. Start on your Mac and continue on the go! (Requires Anytune 3.9.2 – coming soon!)”
  • Fine Touch EQ – “Enhance or suppress the instrument you want using the FineTouch EQ. Use gestures and parametric filters to more precisely control the sound of your tracks than any old school graphic EQ.”

The biggest feature is going to be the iCloud syncing – so much easier than even trying to share audio marks and loops!


  1. Post a tweet on your twitter account about my blog (or post it on Facebook or put it on your blog or something to spread the word)- you know something like “Great Blog about iPads/Technology in Current Music Education – Giving away promo codes for AnyTune Pro+ app” with a link to this blog post.
  2. AND/OR Hit the “Follow This Blog” button on the top right hand side bar
  3. MOST IMPORTANT – Copy your the link to your facebook/blog/tweet into a comment below and tell me why you think AnyTune is going to be amazing!

I will then randomly pick 4 winners from the list of comments/copied tweets below on the evening of the 29th (Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone)! Good luck people and thanks for reading! Thanks to Sean at AnyTune for sponsoring this giveaway! I love developers who are willing to reach out to their community so let’s help spread the word about this amazing app people!

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10 Responses to “AnyTune Pro+ Christmas Give Away Contest for iPad/Mac Musicians!”

  1. nolivier Says:

    AnyTune is already amazing !!! Each possibility is precious for all musicians who search to learn and ear details of a song !
    Thanks for this contest
    Merry Christmas

  2. Joe Hellberg Says:

    You already know that you are the MAN that I turn to for technology! I enjoyed your Christmas Concert and so wish I had the $$ and knowledge base you have to incorporate more technology into my program. There are two things that I have been wanting to start doing that I believe would make kids WANT to become better musicians: EAR TRAINING and COMPOSITION. As teachers we both know that these are two very important aspects of a musician but it is harder and harder to become ‘creative’ in our classrooms when we are made to do more writing and data collecting. Well here is another tool that would help show the pre/post data of a musician!

  3. Kari Says:

    Below is the text from my facebook post where I shared the link to your blog (I don’t have a Twitter account). I am an elementary music teacher and have always contemplated purchasing a tablet for use in my classroom, but did not know much about the ways I might put it to use. Our principal has even considered purchasing one for each special area teacher (music, art, etc.), since the regular classrooms have a set of 4-6 for student use. I just received an iPad today as a Christmas surprise, so now I am officially in the search for great apps I can use to expand the classroom experience and am definitely interested in using AnyTune!

    Great Blog about iPads/Technology in Current Music Education – Giving away promo codes for AnyTune Pro+ app

    AnyTune Pro+ Christmas Give Away Contest for iPad/Mac Musicians!
    I have a great Christmas present for 4 lucky readers of my blog! 3 will win AnyTune Pro+ for iOS and 1 will win the newly released Mac Version of the app! Read to the end to find out how to enter…..
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    • Paul Shimmons Says:

      If the regular classrooms have a set of 4-6 then the music room would sure benefit from having a set as well. that would be an amazingly fun time in class with those! What a nice surprise for you to get at least! Now you just need a little money to buy some apps too!

  4. tadetsDavid Khan Says:

    I would love the iOS version of this app, I think it is going to be amazing as this app alone could and will help my learning, heaps and bounds.

    Here is a link to a tweet I sent “″

  5. Sean G Says:

    I would love a copy of the Pro version of this app! I use the free version, but the Pro version would definitely help with my transcribing music for my daughter’s piano lessons!

  6. Grr Says:

    Yay anytuneproplus!
    Mac or ios!

  7. Paul Shimmons Says:

    UPDATE – Winners will be chosen at 6PM on the 29th of December so that none of the promo codes expire! So tell your friends and lets pass the word about this great app!

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