Music Notation Possibilities on an iPad Using MIDImorphosis

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.41.02 PMAs music teachers we are constantly creating music using notation software (well at least I am).

Tonight I came across a YouTube video that is an excellent example of the possibilities developing on iPad! MIDImorphosis is an app by Secret Base Design that listens to audio coming into the iPad and then turns that audio into MIDI information. That MIDI information can then be used in a multitude of ways – like to create music notation or play a synth app.

I am not a guitar player but I “get this” need! I need the same idea but with my keyboard! Of course being able to enter music into a software app using a MIDI keyboard is a standard feature these days but unless you have had a MIDI convertor for your guitar you have not had many choices! Now with MIDImorphosis you can use a guitar and an iPad along with a couple of apps and have sheet music in just a few steps!

Here is the video – go check this out if you are a guitar player! In the video he is using Progression which is put out by Notion Music


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2 Responses to “Music Notation Possibilities on an iPad Using MIDImorphosis”

  1. Creating Music Notation on an iPad | iPad and Technology in Music Education Says:

    […] I was inspired by the YouTube video from the MIDImorphosis people inputting music notation from their guitars! I wanted to try with my […]

  2. Paul Shimmons Says:

    Contact the MIDIMorphosis people and they will help you figure things out. The app works well!

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